Packing of personal effects for moving

Proper packaging is a guarantee of safety during transportation of property

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packaging materials
Packaging according
to the GOST standard
packaging requirements
Warehouse for temporary
storage of personal effects

Packaging materials for personal effects

Cardboard boxes
3-layer corrugated cardboard boxes with volumes ranging from 20 to 125 liters for various types of personal effects
Cardboard boxes for clothes
A wardrobe box made of 5-layer corrugated cardboard measuring 500x500x1200 is the best option for transporting clothes
Corrugated cardboard
3-layer corrugated cardboard sheets are the best material for safe transportation of personal effects
Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is an indispensable material for reliable protection of personal items from vibration, impact and dirt
Stretch wrap
Stretch wrap is a material used to protect furniture and household items during transportation
Other materials: corner protectors, adhesive tape,
Additional materials indispensable when moving: corner protectors, adhesive tape, fillers, etc.

Photo examples of packaging

Temporary storage of personal effects

Our company has 600 m2 of storage space in a modern warehouse complex on the west side of Moscow for temporary storage of personal effects intended for further transportation abroad.

We offer up to 14 days of free temporary storage.

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